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Carbon offsets make an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for friends and family. Now you can send a virtual carbon offset gift card loaded with any of 21 currencies you wish to buy QAS-Certified carbon offsets for flights, hotels, homes, internet use, cars/ autos, motorcycles, skydiving or balloon flights. We will send the card and your message to any email of your choice from where it can be used to offset carbon emissions any number of times with no expiry date. You can also top up the card online any time you like. Clear will invest in clean, high quality carbon offset projects to help decarbonise our planet with every purchase fully audited by the QAS. Sending your carbon offset gift card will take less than two minutes from start to finish.


This product is QAS-Certified. It is independently audited every year to ensure it continues to meet stringent criteria for accurate calculation, transparency of information and correct matching against high quality carbon reduction projects. Every carbon offset purchase is signed off by an accountant during the process.


Select Your Currency